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Musicians Therapeutic Wellbeing Retreat

A rejuvenating retreat to revitalise your body, spirit, mind ... and music making 

Professional and amateur musicians understand and appreciate the unique demands practice and performance play in their physical and emotional wellbeing. Reward your body, spirit and mind to a wonderfully uplifting therapeutic retreat experience where you will be guided and supported along the way.

If you need to get away on your own for a while, we will be looking forward to welcoming you.

This retreat will enable you to reconnect with yourself and your music through a carefully planned programme including mindfulness, meditation, sound therapy, nature and talk therapy with Theresa, who hold a Masters Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a certified Sound Therapist and has amassed a lifetime of musical performance experience. 

Specialising in areas such as:

  • Recovery from burnout and exhaustion

  • Mindset Reframing 

  • Wellbeing and Self-Care

  • Performance anxiety and stage fright - playing in front of family and friends or performing on the world stage in front of tens of thousands

  • Raising levels of confidence and self-esteem

  • Supporting you, for example, through trauma, grief and loss in its various guises

  • Exploring personal and professional problems in a safe environment

Each persons journey in life is unique. This retreats is distinctive in being tailored for each musician's individual needs, finding joy, balance and a renewed sense of joie de vivre through talking therapy, sound therapy, nature therapy, meditation and mindfulness along with unlimited TLC!

Our programme includes a careful daily balance of activities. Time spent at the retreat residence and out exploring local places of historical and archeological interest, walking amongst nature in ancient ruins and walking trails, affording us the opportunity to walk mindfully 'in the present' amongst natures splendour whilst retracing ancient pilgrim paths.


It is all organised by us for your pleasure with not too much and not too little of any one activity! It is planned and paced so as to allow you ample time to relax and unwind, spending time with people and some time alone. We will guide and support you as best we can, as much or as little as you need. Your time is precious and we strive to optimise how we can best support you during your retreat. 

On this fully inclusive residential retreats we include five nights accommodation in a private room, with arrival Sunday anytime from noon onwards and departure Friday morning. Mornings are centred around talking therapy and sound therapy meditation, afternoons are dedicated to an activity among nature to enable processing and reflection, evenings are self-guided for self-care and restorative wellness time. 

Our extensive gardens exude a sense of calm and tranquility. The Wellness Suite is private building separate from the luxury residential accommodation. The Wellness Suite includes a hot-tub and sauna room, a therapy room, all overlooking a magnificent and relaxing koi pond - beyond which is a peaceful vista of green pastures and oak trees evoking a feeling seclusion, calming, restoration and peace.​ You will enjoy all meals prepared in-house along with all refreshments while at your new home away from home. We have a Kawai grand piano and many rooms available for music practice. 

We will collect you from our local train station in Thurles if you decide to arrive by train, advance ticket purchase is available on

Airport collection can be arranged. 

Let us know your preferred Sunday arrival date and we will confirm availability. ​

Participation in any of the activities is entirely optional. 

Therapeutic Musicians Wellbeing and Creativity Retreat Cost: Fully Inclusive - €2,550 p.p. 

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